What Do People Lie About On Their CV’s?

What do people lie about on their CV’s?   We all know that people embellish on their CV’s. However, there is a difference between self-promotion and full on lying. Some people do not realize this but it is, in fact, a crime to lie on your CV. The criminal offense is...

Who Can Request a Business Credit Report?

Who Can Request a Business Credit Report? i-Check Data Solutions is excited to announce the launch of our affordable fully comprehensive Business credit report. Thanks to the Internet, just about anyone can run a request for a business credit report. Even though the...

How to Run a Business Credit Check

How to Run a Business Credit Check i-Check Data Solutions understands that as a business owner you know you need good business credit. You also want to do business with vendors, suppliers and business-to-business customers who have good credit. So being able to run a...

Simple And Affordable Online Telephone Tracing Services

Simple and affordable online telephone tracing service! At i-Check Data Solutions, we like to think out of the box and develop systems that really can make your life easier. For example, our latest service is an online telephone tracing service that only requires an...

Background Check All Your Employment Candidates Today

Background Check all your employment candidates today! These days you cannot afford to not run a comprehensive background check all your employment candidates. You need to take steps to verify the information supplied to a potential employer by a job applicant on his...

Social Media for Career Success

8 Top Reasons HR Staff Need to Participate in Social Media for Career Success These days using social media for career success is vital. Active social media participation is an essential tool in networking with professional contacts, making new contacts, recruiting...

Social Media And The Evolution Of Recruitment In South Africa

Social media and the evolution of recruitment in South Africa Our team at i-Check Data Solutions decided to put this article together to highlight how social media and the evolution of recruitment in South Africa is going to keep recruiters and employers on their toes...

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