Conducting Employee Background Checks in South Africa – Why Do It and What the Law Allows

Conducting comprehensive employee background checks in South Africa is a requirement for peace of mind when hiring any prospective employee. You cannot afford to hire the wrong person, therefore making sure that you hire the best possible candidates is key to growing a healthy business. The consequences of hiring the wrong caliber of employee can have a huge impact on your companies development.

Hiring the wrong person can lead to:

  • Lowering of your existing teams moral.
  • Hinder productivity.
  • Impact customer relations.

There are many things you can do to ensure you make informed decisions and hire quality employees and one of them is to use background checks.

Reasons to Conduct a Background Check

Conducting a pre-employment background check can not only save you money in the long run, it can also protect your business. If your employees come into direct contact with your customers (for example, in a care capacity) and cause harm to a customer, your business can be liable if that employee has a criminal record. A background check can also provide insight into an individual’s behavior, character, and integrity.

Which Types of Background Checks Can and Should You Conduct

There are several background checks that you can consider as you build a profile of a future employee. We have compiled a list of the checks you should consider running on all prospective employees.

  • Credit Check (R 15.99 comprehensive ITC report)
  • Qualification Check (R 90 per a qualification)
  • Drivers and PDP Check (R 40 for a combo report)
  • Criminal Check (Please call for a quote)
  • ID Verification (R 7.99)

All of these checks require the consent of the candidate, however if they have nothing to hide then it should not be a issue. We can assist any company or individual with there background checks. We offer a professional and affordable service with quick turn around times on all requests. We are also able to advise and guide you on how to go about checking and interpreting what information is returned on the candidate.

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Employee Background Checks in South Africa