Data cleaning and contact validation services

Bulk Data Verification Services

Data Validation Services

Data cleansing, data cleaning, or data scrubbing is what we call the process of identifying, correcting or removing inaccurate data records from a database.
Our data cleaning solution provided by i-Check Data Solutions takes any old and out-dated data and through data cleaning, we return the most current information. This data cleansing enables companies to get hold of people with the most current contact information provided in South Africa.
i-Check Data Solutions provides up to date data cleaning techniques and information.  Our data cleaning services ensure that you will have no more lost contacts. 
Customer Insights

Effective customer insight capabilities.

Customer Segmentation

Affordable segmentation capabilities.

ID Trace Reports

Through our service, clients have the ability to instantly confirm an individual’s disclosed particulars.

Data Enrichment Services

Easy access to everything a business needs to know about its customers.

Rest Assured, You or Your Company is Covered

Our marketing solutions help businesses target and engage their customers through smart data enrichment programs that generate significant return on investment.

Why Choose Us

I-Check has developed products on the simple premise that true commercial success is about connecting our clients with their customers in a unique manner, thereby allowing our clients to truly understand their customers and be more informed to pro-actively respond to their very individual needs and circumstances.

Enrich consumer information including demographics, location, lifestyle, and segmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to submit my request?

Please fill in the contact form and we will respond with the quote


How much does it cost?

The price depends on the quantity of the records you want to wash.  We start at 0.16 cents per record. 


Whats the turnaround time?

Usually less than 1 working day. 


How to submit my file?

We will contact you via email with instructions. We require CSV or excel format of the file in order to proceed. 

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