Drivers Licence Verifications

We have tailored our entire range of background verification services to assist and help make employing the right candidate for the job an easy one.

i-Check Data Solutions can assist clients with conducting Drivers License verification checks on the validity of a candidate’s Drivers License and if they possess a PDP. All too often, employers simply accept a candidates’ acknowledgement that they have a valid Drivers Licence and do not bother to investigate any further. i-Check has a simple yet affordable service that can put your mind at ease that the employee driving one your work vehicles is legally able to drive and in the event of an accident, the insurance company will not hold you as an employer liable.

In order to conduct a Drivers License verification, we require the following supporting information:

  • The Candidates’ ID Number
  • The Candidates’ Drivers Licence Number (13 Digit on the Drivers Licence)

The turnaround time for confirmation is a couple hours. However, i-Check Data Solutions will attempt to make sure that the results are returned to the client as soon as possible. Clients are further reminded that it is their responsibility to maintain signed copies of all the personal indemnity forms received from verification subjects. In certain situations, you will be required to forward a signed copy of the indemnity form to i-Check Data Solutions before any background verification inquiries can be processed.

We consider the receipt of an enquiry as commencing, once said enquiry is received and confirmed by our team. If a client request is received outside of normal trading hours (Monday – Friday 8 am – 4.30pm), the receipt is adjusted to 8 am of the next business day. In all cases, weekends national public holidays and non-working hours (i.e. 4.30 pm to are excluded from turnaround calculations.

i-Check for Business

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