Bulk Tracing & Data Washing Services

  • If you have a large list of unreachable debtors or a collection of ID numbers on file that could be potential business leads, then our bunk tracing service is for you.

  • Bulk Trace is a customized service that is aimed at clients who require a large number of data files to be processed, regardless of the type of information the client requires.

Bulk Tracing features include:

Bulk Debtor Tracing

Bulk Tracing allows clients to locate multiple customers who have tried to escape debt by moving home or changing contact details. i-Check Data Solutions intervenes by producing up-to-date contact details and additional information on targeted individuals. We do this by filtering the debtors’ particulars through our database. Through a series of cross-reference procedures, we are able to establish plausible connections within the subjects’ community networks, isolating the absconded individuals. We then compile a report of the newly found data, and send back the cleaned debtor data to the client in order to help in fulfilling collection processes.


Advanced Tracing

Advanced tracing allows you to locate debtors quickly, enabling our clients to re-establish contact with their debtors within 3-5 days of submission.


Batch ID Tracing

Should clients only have individuals’ identification numbers at their disposal, i-Check Data Solutions can provide them with a full spectrum of the contact details. Regardless of the quantity of file data or file types, we will be able to assist with all your bulk tracing requirements.


Company Registration Number Tracing

As with our batch ID-number tracing solution, we can perform the same task on company registration numbers. If required, i-Check Data Solutions will send clients a full spectrum of company details which includes: address, contact information, directorship, and property ownership information.

Data Cleaning Services

In addition to our bulk tracing services, we also offer data cleaning services.

Data cleaning, also known as data cleansing or data scrubbing, is the process of identifying, correcting, or removing corrupt or inaccurate data from a database.

The data-cleaning solution provided by i-Check Data Solutions is focused on updating old and outdated data regarding debtors or clients. Through data cleaning, only the most current information is returned to the user. Data cleaning will enable users to finally get into contact with debtors easily as the information would then be current and relevant.

At i-Check Data Solutions prides we pride ourselves on our data-cleaning services’ ability to investigate by using innovative data-cleaning techniques. We also make use of our vast amount of highly regarded resources in order to achieve data cleaning that very few businesses managed to achieve. No longer does a business suffer because of bad debtors; thanks to i-Check Data Solutions’ data cleaning, users can easily collect all outstanding debts.

All contact details within the i-Check Data Solutions’ data-cleaning database are current and accurate. There is no data-cleaning job that is too big or too small. Your debtors will also not be able to outmanoeuvre our extensive data-cleaning network. At i-Check Data Solutions, we promise our clients only good results through our comprehensive data cleaning.

Data-cleaning services will be able to trace exactly where a person is residing, no matter how old the original data was. Data-cleaning ensures that users will have no more lost contacts. Our data cleaning will also enable a business to run more efficiently and more effectively. Because, thanks to i-Check Data Solutions’ data-cleaning service, business managers will no longer have to worry about clients running out without paying their bills.

In order to ensure that communication efforts are accurate, i-Check Data Solutions’ data-cleaning service enhances databases by:

  • Identifying individuals who are reluctant or unable to respond, reducing consumer displeasure and reducing wastage costs.
  • Enhancing databases with additional information in order to ensure that appropriate sales calls are targeting the correct individuals.
  • Identifying duplicate records, thus reducing wastage and consumer annoyance by cleansing files.

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