Which access control product or system is the right one for South Africa?

Choosing which access control system is the right one for South Africa can be daunting, Before you decide which product or system you should purchase, you need to have a very good understanding of what your requirements are:

  •  How many doors do you want to control?
  •  Do you want to be able to monitor events at all of these doors from a central point, or is it adequate that each of them operates independently?
  • How many people will be using the product or system?
  • Will a common code provide a high enough level of security, or would access cards and PIN codes be more appropriate?
  • Do you have – or want to have – intrusion detection and video surveillance products installed at your site(s) as well?
  • If so, what level of synergy do you require between your access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems?

One of the major advantages of choosing i-Check Data Solutions to handle your access control needs is that we protect the investments of our customers by offering a high level of scalability. Scalability means that it is easy to upgrade from our lower-level products and systems to our higher-level ones without any hardware redundancy.

Once you have chosen the right system, you will need to find the right readers and cards to meet your requirements. i-Check Data Solutions has the right solution for your company. All you need to do is give one of our friendly Sales consultants a call today and let us take the pain our of deciding which system would best work. We pride ourselves on offering top quality work at a competitive and affordable rate. With one of our systems usually paying itself off within the first year of operation, you can be assured that we are an access control company you want to partner with.

Which access control system is the right one for South Africa

i-Check Data Solutions can really help your company choose the right access control system that will be work for your needs. Call one of our friendly sales consultants today!