i-Check Data Solutions Tracing Agents in South Africa!

Make sure you choose the right tracing agents!

Tracing agents in South Africa are useful when you need to trace an individual for a number of reasons. With debtors defaulting on their payments on the rise. You need a Tracing agency that can assist you with tracking down their latest contact details or physical address in the quickest and most affordable way!

i-Check Data Solutions is the ideal partner to help you track down hard to reach clients and debtors. We have a updated database with in excess of 40 million credit consumers contact details, as well as over 4 million registered South African companies and more than 9.5 million directors. We have the tools to track down anyone in a quick and affordable way. Typically tracing agents can charge anywhere up to R 200 per a trace, here at i-Check Data Solutions we will be able to give you updated contact information on a client for as little as R 7.99 ex vat per a trace. If you go for our bundle option that price can fall to as low as R 4.99 ex vat per a 100 checks. We are by far the most affordable tracing agency in South Africa and we have a smart online portal that allows you to run the traces from the comfort of your office in real time.

I-Check is a simple, yet powerful system that allows our clients the opportunity to pre-vet individuals.

 By using our system, a client can immediately confirm an individual’s disclosed particulars, such as:

  • ID Number.
  • Residential Address.
  • Postal Address.
  • Current Employer.
  • Home Phone.
  • Cell Phone.
  • Alternative Contact Details.
  • Primary Email Address.
  • Next Of Kin Contact Information.

If you would like to know more about our affordable tracing and credit reports, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!tracing agents in south africa

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