Qualifications Verification Services in South Africa is a necessity:

Qualifications verification services in South Africa is a necessity these days for prospective employers. South Africa is currently sitting with a huge unemployment issue, this is pushing individuals to fight to get through the tough recruitment process and eventually into a job.

Due to the tough nature of the market and scarce job opportunities, individuals are resorting to all manner of tricks to get through the various recruitment stages. One of the most prevalent is the false declaration of qualifications, therefore with this practice going on currently with South Africa, recruiters and employers need to take steps and run the necessary checks and balances to ensure details are true and people are who they say they are.

We at i-Check Data Solutions provide qualification verification as part of our core portfolio of background screening services. This means that we have the resources and experience to verify any individuals qualification.

i-Check in conjunction with its channel partners who hold millions of South African tertiary qualification records and ensures that information about qualifications can be sourced, processed and disseminated quickly. We are able to offer affordable and fast turn around time on all client requests.

i-Checks various background checks empower the employers to verify credentials and recruit the very best of the best, with peace of mind that these employees are up to the tasks assigned to them.

The complete process of qualification verification is handled both entirely electronically and with specialist staff intervention, depending on the qualification being verified.

i-Check Data Solutions is definitely in a position to help your company with all its verification needs, we are professional and offer affordable solutions that are designed to give you peace of mind during the recruitment process.

If you would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!