I-Check Data Solutions is designed a simple to use system that takes the headache out of Debtor tracing in South Africa!

I-Checks Data Solutions’s online debtor tracing system finally allows you as a business owner or individual to take your debtor tracing into your own hands. Debtor tracing in South Africa has never been cheaper or easier!!

Just a couple years ago, trying to track down a debtor yourself would usually generate very few positive results. The main reason for this lack of success was in part due to the fact that the average individual or business simply does not have the resources or access to the relevant databases to find out useful data that will help them track down debtors who have defaulted on payments. Generally in the not so distant past, tracing was left up to debtor tracing companies, who would usually charge premium fees to you as a client for the information you required to get hold of the debtor.

I-Check Data Solutions has developed an affordable and accurate online tracing system, thereby empowering our clients and getting powerful results for nominal fees. Our system is simple to use, you simple fill in some base information about the debtor and with the click of a button you have results about their updated contact information. Our clients are then empowered to either attempt to get the debtor to settle their account or make the choice of handing it over to a professional debt collection agency.

I-Checks consumer tracing system is a simple web based system, alternatively if you have an existing collections system. We do have the opportunity to integrate and our team of developers will be happy to assist.

I-Check Data Solutions believes in empowering our clients with simple to use and affordable solutions that help to minimize the pitfalls and risks that South Africa’s current economic climate presents for running a successful business.

Using our online tracing service, you are not reliant on waiting for other people to get around to helping you with a trace. We have made it so simple and quick that you can get the information you require with the simple click of a mouse button.

I-Check has made is possible for you to have all this current and relevant information as you fingertips to help with the task of debtor tracing. With our system it has never been simpler to conduct debtor tracing.

If you would like to have more information about our tracing solution and other verification products, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales staff today!

Debtor tracing in South Africa

Let I-check Data Solutions help you today to take back the power when dealing with absconding debtors!!!