Affordable Bulk Consumer Tracing in South Africa by I-Check Data Solutions ideal for small to large business! 

i-Check Data Solutions has developed a simple to use online system that can assist your company with consumer tracing in South Africa. Do you require tracing large volumes of consumers? We are able to help you with all your tracing needs, be it for one consumer trace or a large batch trace.

I-Check Data Solutions specializes in providing affordable high quality verification and tracing services to small and large businesses. Here at I-Check  we understand the nature of your business and your need for accurate, quick and streamlined information, which is why we offer bulk consumer trace solutions. If you have a large volume of information that needs to be traced, you need to consider partnering with us. Here is why:

Some reasons to use our system for high volume consumer tracing

  •   What do we mean when we say “high volume tracing”

Our technologically advanced tracing tool can process up to 10 million people’s information in a single trace!! This means you don’t waste hours for all the data to be processed.

  • At I-Check Data Solutions we are flexible

We are aware that bulk tracing means different things to different companies, which is why we classify anything from 1000 – 20 0000 traces as “high volume tracing”.

  •   I-Check offers affordable rates

I-Check Data Solutions prides itself on being one of the most affordable Bulk Tracing agencies and therefore are able to offer our high quality service at rock bottom prices.

While you will pay (approximately) R7.99 for a single trace, this number drops exponentially when you submit over 1000 traces at once. An example would be 3000-10000 traces the price is R1.50 per a trace. We work on a sliding scale and please feel free to contact one of our sales consultants for a personal quote on any tracing work you require.

  •    Ease of use

All you have to do is upload your data in a .csv file and get your data with the click of a button.

  •  Accurate results

We use major credit tracing bureaus to collect data for your Bulk Consumer tracing.

I-Check Data Solutions is ready to assist your company with all its tracing requirements. If you would like to know more about bulk consumer tracing and our other verification and tracing products. Please contact us today!

Bulk Consumer Tracing in South Africa

I-Check Data Solutions can help you to manage your Bulk Consumer trace needs.