Buddy Punching is prevalent in South Africa

Buddy punching is prevalent in South Africa currently.The practice of “buddy punching” is growing in popularity and if a business is not aware it can cost huge sums of money in “Ghost employees” which adds to higher payroll costs. In the current economic climate, South African business owners need to take note and introduce steps to prevent this practice and increase productivity while lowering expenses.

If you have an existing time management system in place and feel that your staff has found ways to cheat the system, introducing a biometric system will stop these employees cheating the system in their tracks. Biometric systems are great at eliminating buddy punching and time theft within your company once and for all.

Biometric time clocks also known as Fingerprint readers are your best bet at guaranteeing that your employees must be present to clock in/out of work. With the simple touch of their finger, your employees can easily log in and verify their attendance, this information is instantly captured and can be pulled in a management report for review later or payroll verification.

By taking steps to eliminate ‘buddy punching’, you will almost immediately notice a significant reduction in payroll and overhead costs and a subsequent increase in employee productivity. The added benefits that biometrics bring to the workplace is increased security and you can easily control who has access to various parts of your company, thereby ensuring that impostors cannot get access to restricted areas.

Biometric clocking could also help you teach a lesson to employees who are constantly late! You can for example set up a rule with one of our systems that state if a person arrives late to work by 7 minutes, the system will round that figure up and 15 minutes pay will be reduced from their final salary.

i-Check Data Solutions is ready to help your company make the transition to biometrics if you would like to know more about out services please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!

Buddy Punching is prevalent in South Africa