By using our unique online system, tracing debtors in South Africa has never been easier and you could save a fortune

By using i-Check Data Solutions unique tracing system,  tracing debtors in South Africa, your firm could save a small fortune. With the tough economic climate we are currently experiencing in South Africa, the key to surviving is to reign in costs and maximize profits. It’s very surprising that relatively few attorneys actually conduct credit checks on new clients.

The same can be said for conducting your own tracing of debtors. Simply by running a credit check and taking control of your own tracing needs, can save you a fortune in the long run and help to strengthen your bottom line. Tracing agents charge a lot of money to track down an individual: in some cases these costs can be in the region of R 200 per a trace. With our easy to follow system your firm could be conducting their own traces for as little as R 7.50 per a trace, even less if a bulk trace is run.

Tracing agents, will make you believe that it’s a complex task to track a person down, and in some instances it can be! But the majority of tracing agents simply register themselves with a credit bureau and track people down that way.

i-Check Data Solutions has a simple to use online tracing system. With our system you can get a bundle of 100 pre paid traces for R 499.99 ex vat. That is a bargain when compared to what most tracing agents are charging these days. With the easy to use system, its instantaneous and a fraction of the cost of what you are used to paying. We hold information on over 40 million active credit consumers, 4 million registered South African companies and 9.5 million directors.

When dealing with new clients, we suggest running a credit check, with either our comprehensive consumer credit check or our commercial credit report, you can be assured that the details you require to make a decision on whether to request deposits upfront before work starts. This simple and affordable system allows you to check on a persons credit status from the comfort of your office and get the results back instantly.

In order to run a credit check on a person or entity, you do require their consent, as a suggestion you could consider inserting the following clause into your fee agreement.

I consent to my attorney and/or his staff attending to a credit check on my consumer profile with any credit agency for the purposes of ascertaining my credit worthiness and to that end supplying relevant data supplied by me to my attorney.

We require the following particular information in order to successfully run a credit check on a client: a current physical address, clients’ ID, first names, surname, date of birth.

i-Check Data Solutions have a number of powerful and affordable solutions that will be of value to your firm. If you would like to know more about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales staff today.  In order to become a user please register your details by following the link LOGIN.

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