Smart Identification technologies in South Africa to help your business thrive.

Our team at i-Check Data Solutions have put together this article about smart identification technologies in South Africa that are helping businesses to thrive. Are you finding that the punch card system you are using is giving you the appropriate level of timely and accurate reporting required to effectively track and manage productivity and absenteeism within your company?

The benefits of introducing a biometric identification system to your company:

  • The system is quick  at processing employees fingerprints.
  • It is extremely affordable (our average system has an ROI of six to twelve months).
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Accurate.
  • Reliable and suitable for both access control and attendance.
  • An employee can be added – or removed – in less than a minute by an administrator.
  • Reduce “time theft”.
  • Stop employees clocking in for each other.
  • Monitor and manage time-based costs and productivity.
  • Decrease payroll processing costs and fraud.
  • Improve payroll accuracy and access to information.
With the dramatic improvements that have been made in the last couple years in terms of biometric identification systems, you can easily consider an automated system that will enable you to manage payroll accurately and dramatically reduce fraud by totally eliminating calculation errors

With our affordable and powerful time and attendance systems, you can be assured that all your labour data will be directly and automatically collected on a networked terminal and all your managers will be informed of any absent or late staff through easy to pull reports.

Time and attendance systems are powerful and can be set up and integrated in order to ensure that certain employees are only allowed in certain parts of the factory at specific times, this will help to boost productivity and allow your line managers to monitor the comings and goings of various staff.

Our various biometric terminals are designed to prevent fraud from “buddy punching” because biometric identification is based on unique physical characteristics instead of a card that can be borrowed or stolen.

 i-Check Data Solutions can assist customers to set up the programmable function keys with specific software. We offer a broad range of time and attendance and access control systems.

If you would like to know more about our various biometric identification solutions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today.