Fingerprint Recognition technology in South Africa

Using Fingerprints to open doors!

Fingerprint recognition technology in South Africa has been around for a while but was expensive and bulky. Today, fingerprint recognition systems have come a long way and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Fingerprint recognition as a means to control access or track employees is growing in popularity in South Africa because of its fast, nonintrusive, easy to use and the upside is even working fine when the hand is not clean. So ideal for industrial settings.

Other great benefits of our fingerprint recognition systems are that clocking times are accurate to the minute, and it takes less than a second for an employee to clock in, you can stop fraud in its tracks today! Fingerprint ID’s cannot be lost or stolen, or copied or left at home. All employees must be present on the work premises and our system prevents friends from clocking for each other.

How does fingerprint recognition work?

An individuals’ fingerprint is unique, ItsThe patterns of friction ridges and valleys on an individual’s fingertips are unique to that individual.

Fingerprint recognition technology in South Africa

With Fingerprints being unique for each finger of a person including identical twinIt is not surprising that it has grown into one of the most common biometric technologies used today, fingerprint recognition devices for desktop and laptop access are widely available and as a result the costs of incorporating them into your company are dropping all the time. The convenience these smoking devices bring to the workplace are astounding, with no need for passwords anymore. Users are simple granted access based on their finger which is with them all the time.

Due to the fact that fingerprints are so common, there have been attempts by criminals to try cheat the system. However, modern terminals have custom built in technologies that are designed to prevent fraud and allow recognition under the most extreme of environmental conditions.

Fingerprint recognition technology is popular because it is fast, not intrusive and works even if the hand is not clean. The glass or crystal plate sensor can be manufactured with anti-bacterial properties.

At i-Check Data Solutions we have a range of affordable and tough fingerprint recognition systems. We believe that no job is too big or small and if you would like to know more about this service we offer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!