Debt Recovery Solution in South Africa, consider using our batch tracing solution.

i-Check Data Solutions has an affordable debt recovery solution in South Africa that is ideal for any company that needs to trace a long list of debtors, we understand that this can be a very stressful task and we have developed a simple and affordable system that takes the laborious task out of tracing people, and provides you with up to date contact information that can increase your success with your debt recovery process.

All we require from you is a list of the debtors you want to trace, we feed this into our cutting edge system and return clean up to date contact information about each of your debtors. With this comprehensive contact information you are empowered to really improve your chances of recovering the debt owed.

Our system is powerful, we have information on over:

  • 40 million credit active consumers.
  • 4 million registered South African companies.
  • 9.5 million directors.

We are able to just about trace anyone in South Africa in record time. Thereby saving you the headache of trying to use conventional techniques to locate individuals that are avoiding paying their accounts.

Our system is simple to use, all we require to get the batch trace started is a file from you with ID numbers of the clients you need traced. We will feed this information into our system and in record time return the results to you. We also will help you further by providing you with all the known contact information on our database that related to each debtor. Such information can include previous employers, alternative contact numbers and all database addresses. Your chances of tracking these absconding debtors down is increased exponentially when using our batch tracing system.

If you would like to know more about our batch tracing system for debt recovery of any of our other products. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today.

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Debt Recovery Solution in South Africa

Let i-Check Data Solutions help your company with its debt recovery needs by providing affordable and accurate contact information on absconding debtors with simple to use batch tracing system.