Data Validation

Improve your customer data

Trustworthy data is the most important information for any company in order to make well-informed decisions. By validating your contact data on a regular basis, you can always make sure you have an accurate and up-to-date view of your customers.

Effective communication with your customers, excellent customer service, outstanding business efficiency, and legal compliance are all important reasons you should bulk clean and enrich the customer data that you hold. 

Our Data Validation Services

Address Validation

Get accurate address data and improve customer perception. Address validation guarantees contact records are accurate and consistent, making database analysis easier and results more reliable. You can also add valuable additional information to residential and business records, allowing further profiling and segmentation of your customer base for intelligent decision making and more tailored marketing

Telephone Numbers

Boost your calling campaign effectiveness.
The success of your telephone communications depends on how much you trust your telephone number database. Our cellphone and landline validation tool enriches the telephone and cellphone data sheets to maximise your ROI.

Employment Details

Should clients only have individuals’ identification numbers at their disposal, i-Check Data Solutions can provide them not only with a full spectrum of the contact details but also employment details. This data includes employer’s name, address, and contact number.