ConsumerTrace System in South Africa: How to find a customers that has defaulted using I-Check Data Solutions

South Africa is going through a tough economic time at the moment. Consumers and Businesses are all under pressure and when cash is tight, credit is king! Today in order to protect your company every business should have access to an affordable consumer trace system in South Africa that will assist in finding consumers that have defaulted on payments.

Right now, Companies cannot afford to simple keep writing down back debts, we have an affordable solution that can help your company to minimize risk and losses, but also to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business.

One of the main issues that many businesses face is that  a single consumer trace can be an expensive, and relatively complex process.  It is therefore due to this identified need that I-Check Data Solutions has developed a comprehensive South African consumer tracing system that provides all the information you require to trace an individual in one easy to use web based platform. Our consumer trace service is ideal for a company that wants to do one trace, to professional tracers who need to process large batches. There is no monthly subscription to use this service, clients simply pay for the traces they run.

Here’s how to do a consumer trace through I-Check Data Solutions

Consumer Trace Step 1:

Register an obligation-free account with us.. The membership is completely free and you will only be billed per transaction when you use our consumer trace system.

Consumer Trace Step 2:

Enter any of the following data on hand to initiate the trace:

  • ID Number
  • Surname, First name and Date of Birth
  • Address if available

Consumer Trace Step 3:

The following information will pop up on your screen:

  • Identity information: Verified Names, Surname and ID number
  • Address/es: Current and previous Physical and Postal
  • Telephone: Land line/s and Mobile number/s
  • Employment Information and contact details
Consumer Trace System in South Africa

I-Check Data solutions can help you to trace any consumer or debtor!!

Our system is simple to use and really accurate. If you would like some more information on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales teams.