Background Checking Defeats Resume and Job Application Fraud when hiring new candidates

If you think that verifying the information presented to you by an employment candidate is a poor use of your time, then you are in for a shock. Background checking defeats resume and job application fraud, you cannot afford not to take all reasonable steps to check who you are hiring and confirming their particulars.

South Africa is currently finding itself in a time of economic challenge; it is during such challenging economic times, where unemployment is at record levels that checking the background and credentials of all your potential employees becomes even more important.

Fraud is rampant in South Africa currently and with fewer and fewer decent jobs around,  Job searchers are desperate and resorting to devious tactics to get ahead and into an interview, ultimately employers are the ones being duped.

Your review process of employment application materials such as:

  •  resumes. 
  •  cover letters.
  •  job applications.

Employers must take into account that a percentage of your applicants are in fact lying about their credentials and job experience. Experts estimate that 20% to over 50% of job applicants lie to embellish their credentials. Cover letters are notorious for embellishment and exaggeration, so be on the lookout for suspicious claims.

With the economic circumstances currently existing and high rates of unemployment, employment application fraud is on the rise in South Africa.

Employers really need to screen employment applications to discern lying, exaggeration, and enlargement of experience, education, and credentials. Fake degrees are also on the rise; with job candidates purchasing high-quality fakes from degree mills that operate online. These fakes are really well created and unless you run a background check you may as easily accept the qualification based on supplied transcripts.

Additionally, HR offices report an increase in applications for most jobs. This means that HR offices are weeding through more unqualified applicants and investing time and energy. Let your HR team focus on placing top candidates and let a professional company take care of all your background verification needs.

Take the headache out of running background checks on candidates, let i-Check Data Solutions do all the hard work and make sure that the candidates you are hiring are verified and legit. Our rates are affordable and our turnaround times fast as we know that placing the right candidate is key to growing your company.

If you would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!

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Background checking defeats resume and job application fraud