Background Check all your employment candidates today!

These days you cannot afford to not run a comprehensive background check all your employment candidates. You need to take steps to verify the information supplied to a potential employer by a job applicant on his or her resume, application, and interviews. CV Fraud is on the rise in South Africa and by taking steps to background check your employment candidate you can ensure that the candidate does, in fact, have the background and experience he or she claims.

Additionally, if it is determined at a later date through a background check, that an employee lied about credentials, qualifications, experience, education and so forth, the employer may fire the employee. This assumes that the employee signed a statement attesting to the truth of his or her provided information.

Standard background checks includes:

  • verification of academic credentials and qualifications. (R 90.00 per a qualification at SAQA)
  • verification of prior employment including position longevity, salary, and job performance, sometimes tracing back ten years or to the three prior positions. (Call us for a quote)
  • discussions with business, professional, and personal references and verification of letters of recommendation. (Call us for a quote)
  • drug screens and occasionally, physical exams if required by the position.
  • testing to confirm skills and knowledge.
  • an Internet search, on the candidate’s name, especially at Google to confirm an individual’s claims about their jobs performance, awards, and more.
  • criminal background checks. (Call us for a quote)
  • especially for accounting and finance professionals, credit checks. (R15.99 for a comprehensive ITC report)
  • Drivers license and PDF verification. (R 40 for a combo report that shows both)
  • Work permit and ID verification. (Call us for a quote)

i-Check Data Solutions can assist your firm with all its background screening needs. We have a team of specialists that are on call to help process and verify all the supporting documentation of your candidate. We pride ourselves on offering professional and affordable service, with fast turn around times. If you would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!

background check all your employment candidates