CV Verification and background checks

In our current economical environment, companies need to be on high alert to protect their reputations and bottom line. Cash flow is key to surviving this tough economic period that has gripped the world and really started to make its presence known here in South Africa. I-Check Data Solutions has developed in conjunction with Compuscan, a number of powerful solutions that can be utilized by any company to mitigate risk when either conducting a background check on potential employment candidates, vetting a business interested in an account, tracking a debtor who isn’t responding to calls of payment or simply tracing a old client whose details have changed.

I-Check Data Solutions has a product that is particularly useful for the recruitment industry. Our Consumer credit reports are not only the most affordable in South Africa! We also pride ourselves on providing more fields of information that other leading Data centers. Our products are designed to really give you as a recruiter the tools needed to make an informed decision about a potential candidate before putting them forward to the client.

The sad truth is that almost 40% of CVs can contain false information, so potential employers want to make sure that they are getting suitably qualified people with clean credit histories and the required characteristics. It has also been shown that employees with impaired credit histories are not only more likely to commit fraud, but their financial woes affect their performance and ultimately this reflects negatively not only on the recruitment agent who placed the candidate but the employer who is fighting to keep his business moving in a profitable direction.

I-Check Data Solutions has developed solutions that can help employers and recruiters do a background verification on any consenting candidate that would confirm the candidates contact details as well as previous employers and past addresses. Our Consumer trace is an affordable solution for this purpose.
Employers are more frequently requesting background credit checks to just make absolutely sure that the prospective candidate is going to be a good fit in the company. For this scenario, we have a very cost effective solution. We can easily tell any potential employer the status of his potential candidates credit history and particulars provided the required consent is achieved by the employer or recruiter.