Taking the pain out of tracing debtors in South Africa

i-Check Data Solutions has developed a online tracing solution that takes away the pain usually involved in tracing debtors in South Africa. Make your life easier and remove the frustration usually associated with this task and let us help you to take back control.
Tracing debtors used to be a difficult task, but we have made it fool proof. We have designed a easy use online system that can aid in tracing one client or 200 000 clients in one go!Our online debtor tracing system is simple and affordable, if you have to process a lot of debtors then our bulk debtor tracing tool is ideal for your needs. This will save you a great deal of money and time and its really as simple as one, two, three. We require you to send us a email with a excel file compiling the people you want to trace, we will then feed this into our system and let it process the information and return the latest contact information for each name submitted, we will also return as much contact information as we have on each individual being traced. Such information will include all available contact details, previous addresses and even employer information. With this extra info, your task of tracking down these individuals will be a lot easier.i-Check currently holds information on over 40 million active credit consumers, we have around 70 million telephone numbers on file as well as 4.5 million registered South African companies and around 9.5 million active Directors details. Our information is undated by various sources daily and therefore you can be assured that we are only providing you the most accurate information available on each of your absconding clients.

Our system is battle ready and able to process huge volumes of data simultaneously, therefore regardless of the size of the debtors book, we will be able to assist you. Our system is smart and simple to use, all you have to do is send us the information you want traced and we will do the rest. Our system also never turns off and therefore we process data 24/7. As soon as you get us the file, we feed it into our system and as quick as possible we return the results to you as we realize that in this industry time is money.

So, if you have any tracing needs, please give us a shout and let us take the pain out of tracing your debtors.

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Let i-Check Data Solutions take the headache out of tracing your debtors. We have a simple and affordable solution that will work for any size of business. Give us a call today if you would like to know more about this solution and our other value add products.