Take control of absconding debtors and hunt them down with our online debtor tracing system in South Africa.

i-Check Data Solutions has a simple and effective online debtor tracing system in South Africa that allows you to process and find the latest contact information of the debtors that you are tracing with a simple click of the mouse.

Our solutions is truly 21st century and utilizing cutting edge technology we are able to offer you as the client a unique and affordable solution to the age old issue of debt collection. We have digitized the process and made it so simple, you never need to worry about tracking down a debtor again. 

i-Check Data Solutions has at our fingertips a database of over 40 million active credit consumer, we hold over 70 million registered telephone numbers, 4.5 million registered South African companies and 9.5 million registered directors. Our huge database means we can literally track down anyone in South Africa. Our system is also designed to be simple enough to process one inquiry via our online portal or up to a million inquiries at time via our batch tracing system. By using cutting edge technology we are able to process batches at lightning speed and offer the service at a price that is one of the lowest in South Africa. Our system is simple to use and web based, therefore there is no software or expensive equipment needed. We really have strives to create a fool proof system that simply makes your life easier.

We realise at i-Check that you need to get updated contact information as quickly as possible. We therefore start processing your request as soon as we recieve it, our system never shuts down and literally runs 24/7. We therefore pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients quick turn around times on batch requests.

i-Check has two options for tracing debtors, firstly you can use our online tracing system which returns results instantly. This service is geared towards clients who have to trace a couple clients, if you have a large amount of clients then we recommend the batch tracing option. Here you simple pop us an email with your debtors ID numbers in excel and we will imput this into our online tracing system. We will strive to have the results back to you in a couple working days.

We really can offer you a powerful weapon in the war on absconding debtors, via our online tracing solution, you will have the convenience and up to date contact information that will make your tracing of debtors much simpler.

If you would like to know more about this solution or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!

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Online Debtor Tracing system in South Africa

Take the headache out of tracing debtors, whether its the tracing of one debtor or many, we can help you. Give us a call today!