Fraudulent degrees in South Africa are on the rise and companies hiring candidates must be wary

We are seeing a rise in the number of fraudulent degrees in South Africa  appearing on the market place. Companies that employ staff who claim to have diplomas or degrees without actually checking if the qualifications are real face huge risks.

The risks to a company hiring an unqualified individual are huge and in some cases costly, simply put new employees who are not really qualified will not be able to do the job they are hired to do on the basis of the qualifications they claim to have, there is also a good chance that they might commit fraud, or worse damage the reputation of the company.

With the job market in South Africa currently depressed, plus a depressed economy with inflation. People are struggling to make ends meet and the temptation to acquire a fake degree or diploma via the internet from a degree mill is becoming a real reality. Basically, the responsibility of validating the validity of an individuals qualification rests solely on the shoulders of the employer. Employers must request that complete background checks are conducted by Human Resource staff or if the recruitment is outsourced, it must be specified that part of the appointment process all the candidates particulars and supporting documents must be validated.

The sad reality is that this epidemic will not cease to be a issue until each and every job candidate is screened, employers need to realise that if they accept the information provided by an applicant on their CV’s and don’t bother to do a background check to validate it, they run the risk of appointing a fraudster.

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Fraudulent degrees in South Africa

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