Debtor batch tracing services – you can email lists of debtors to I-Check Data Solutions

I-Check Data Solutions has a streamlined system that will process your debtor batch tracing in a timely manner. All we require is the debtor information pre-loaded into a excel or csv format, thus eliminating the need for hard copies and making our service that much more convenient for you as the client.

Our batch tracing system is online and designed to process huge volumes of information simultaneously. As soon as we receive the file with debtors, we start processing and in a quick turn around you will be presented with washed data that is up to date.

The added benefit of being able to send us a email with the debtors you want traced, means that we remove the possibility of human error, the file is received and immediately fed into our system for processing and tracing.

Our system is designed with cutting edge software, we are able to process massive amounts of data in a small space of time, so you can be assured that no matter how many debtors you want us to process, we will return the data in a timely fashion. Typically our turn around regardless of the size of the batch is four working days, but we will always strive to process it quicker as we realize that time is money in this industry.

We know first hand that trying to  tracing someone by their regular contact details can be very frustrating and in some cases an impossible task when they are avoiding you. So, to make your job easier we will return to you as much information as we have on the person in question regardless of what you send us, we will even be able to help you find them through past workplaces or addresses.

We are specialists at processing debtor batch tracing and therefore pride ourselves on having accurate “fresh” data that will help you to get in touch with the absconding debtor. I-Check Data Solutions is offering affordable batch tracing rates and if you would like to know more information about this and the other services we offer please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales agents today!

debtor batch tracing services

Let I-Check Data Solutions help you to track down your debtors! We are extremely affordable and offer quick turn around time with accurate results. Call us today for a quote.