Debt collection in South Africa for small to large businesses!

Today South Africa’s economic climate is tough and as a business owner you need to take as many steps as are available to protect your company from debtors that stop paying on time. Debt collection in South Africa for small to large business does not need to be a headache with our simple to use tracing system we help you get in touch with hard to reach debtors so you can retrieve what is rightfully yours in a timely fashion.
The entire Debt collection process can be quite a scary prospect for any business owner.However, this should not be the case.You have a right to pursue and attempt to collect the money that is owed to you, and we have a solution that will help you achieve this.i-Check Data Solutions  has developed a cutting edge debt collection technology that helps trace hard to reach debtors. Our solution is so affordable and easy to use it can be used to trace one consumer or 1 million in a batch trace.  i-Check Data Solutions Batch Trace is a customized service that is aimed at clients who require the processing of files with either small or large data volumes, regardless of the information you or your business requires in order to trace your debtors.i-Check Data Solutions holds information on over 40 million active credit consumers, more than 4 million registered South African companies and 9.5 million directors. We have over 70 million telephone numbers on our database. With this information we are able to track down anyone in South Africa!With i-Checks affordable tracing system you can now take control of your debt collecting issue and run it in-house if you choose. With our system, you can have your entire debtors book washed and updated with fresh contact information, with our system it has never been easier to track down absconding debtors.If you would like to know more about this service or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales teams today for a quote!

Debt Collection in South Africa

Using i-Check Data Solutions batch tracing system can really help your business with its debt collection needs! Call us today for a quote.