CV Dishonesty in South Africa is on the rise!

Why honesty on your CV is so important:

Job candidates must be careful. CV dishonesty in South Africa has reached epic proportions. Candidates need to realize that most people have all probably applied for a job that we would consider a dream position, more money more responsibility and if you look at your experience and the job spec, then you know its a match made in heaven. So, in order to boost their chances of getting this once in a lifetime position, they decide to embellish or tell a little lie or worse you decide to omit key information from your profile, their logic is that it is not very serious and who would really care.

We have decided to put this article together to maybe offer some scenarios that could result from being less than honest on your CV when applying for your next top job.

South Africa is in the midst of record levels of unemployment, there is fierce competition for scarce quality positions, so we understand that you might think that tweaking your CV here and there to hide some issues would help you to get the job of your dreams.

If you exaggerate facts on your CV, you are actually potentially damaging your reputation and career. Fraud is a serious issue in South Africa currently and employers are very harsh on fraudsters.

If you are honest and take steps to show the company hiring or recruitment agent interviewing you that you are an upstanding candidate with nothing to hide. This will definitely stand you in good stead. Candidates also can boost their profiles by taking steps to do self-background checks, if you take the initiative to verify your qualifications, driver’s license, run a credit check, do a criminal check. You will be making the recruiter’s job easier and also show you have nothing to hide.

We encourage you to go and review your CV and make sure that all the information presented is accurate and verifiable. By doing this you will avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation in the future and ensure that you work your way up the corporate ladder the honest and most rewarding way.

If you would like to know more about how to conduct affordable background checks on yourself for employment purposes. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales consultants today!

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CV dishonesty in South Africa is on the rise