Credit reports in South Africa – take control of your debt.

i-Check Data Solutions has prepared a simple step-by-step process that allows you to take control of your debt in a very easy way. The debt control process is easier than you might think and will allow you to have the most optimized credit reports in South Africa.

Credit reports can be shaped by credit users, by simply following few easy steps to achieve the best results and allow you the financial freedom:

  • Contact I-Check and request your credit report
  • Wait for the return email with request of documents.
  • Reply and attached the requested documents.
  • Receive your report
  • Study your debt behaviour based on the information on the report and DO NOT make the mistakes of the past!

I-Check Data Solutions provides a sample credit report that can be seen here:

Sample Consumer Credit Report by I-Check

credit reports in south africa

Credit Reports- i-Check Data Solutions