How to easily run a Commercial Credit Check in South Africa on your clients.

Our team at i-Check Data Solutions have put this article together to show how to easily run a commercial credit check in South Africa on your clients. In South Africa currently most medium sized and large commercial clients don’t pay invoices immediately after you deliver your services. Usually these clients of yours expect 30 day or more payment terms. This is common practice and refusing to offer payment terms to clients will seriously hamper the growth of your company. With the tough economic environment currently being experienced in South Africa, if you are not careful about offering credit to clients, you can in fact get your company into trouble if a client fails to pay.

If you fail to run commercial credit checks on your clients, it can result in a high risk of slow payments, bad debts and ultimately cash flow problems. Having clients who pay on time is key to success and business owners need to get used to running background commercial credit checks on clients before letting them have products or services on credit.

Commercial Credit Check in South Africa

How Do You Check Commercial Credit?

The simplest way to vet a potential client wanting credit terms is to make use of a commercial credit checks service. They will be able to provide you with a easy to read report that will empower you to make the correct decisions. Anyone can check make use of these commercial credit checks services and the sad reality is that many business owners don’t and find out the hard way that doing business with a unconfirmed client can be very risky. I-Check Data Solutions offers an affordable and simple to use commercial credit checks system that will give you instant feedback about the client requesting credit. Our reports are comprehensive and start at R 99 ex vat. Currently the most affordable and comprehensive reports in South Africa!

What is in a Commercial Credit Report?

Commercial Credit Check in South Africa

The information provided on our Commercial Business Credit Reports includes:

  • Company details.
  • Combined principal credit score.
  • Principal information.
  • Principal bureau data.
  • Auditors information.
  • Address of registered office.
  • Commercial judgement.
  • List of associated companies linked to the principals.
  • Company property information including ownership and bond details.
  • Addresses of principals.
  • Previous inquiries.

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Commercial Credit Check in South Africa