Candidate Background Checks in South Africa, Proactively Conducted by Job Seekers to Help Verify Accuracy of their Public Information

Candidate background checks in South Africa, proactively conducted by job seekers to help verify the accuracy of their public information. Today in South Africa if a job seeker wants to get hired for a job, they will most likely have to undergo some kind of background check. What candidates need to realize is that if adverse information is found on your profile during the background screening process, nine times out of ten. The company or recruiter will not inform you of this and simply tell you that you were not successful in getting the position.

Therefore to boost your chances of finding that dream job, job seekers need to make sure that the information found on their background check is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. The validity of your personal information is very important, but so too is the economic costs of running all these background checks. Seeing that it has become a mandatory exercise when appointing anyone these days, companies are only screening a small percentage of the total number of candidates who initially applied for the advertised position. The reasons are due to the high cost of vetting a candidate

As a result, some job seekers are taking matters into their own hands by proactively conducting “self” background checks on themselves to verify the accuracy of their public information.

Because of this focus on employment background checks, especially for positions with financial responsibility and access to confidential information, job applicants are finding ways to check on their own personal information before their prospective employers do to verify its accuracy. One way to verify public information found during employment screening is through a “self” background check. By conducting self-background checks, job seekers may discover that they have fallen victim to some of the following situations that have popped up during real background checks, situations that could hinder their attempts to find employment:

  • A job seeker is the victim of identity theft.
  • Someone with the same name as a job seeker has committed a crime.
  • Some minor or old criminal matter that the job seeker thought was judicially set aside or was too old to matter still pops up.
  • Some past employer or school does not have the job seeker’s record under the proper name so that a background check may be inaccurate.
  • A school may have a job seeker under a different name, or may not have given the job seeker the degree due to not paying a final bill and the school did not officially give the degree.
  • A driving record check may reveal an old ticket that the job seeker thought was taken care of but went to a warrant for failure to appear.

With self-background checks, job seekers can verify their employment, education, credentials, licensing and clean criminal record. Self-background checks allow job seekers to conduct searches similar to those conducted by professional and accredited background check companies, including:

  • Education Verifications. (R 90 per a qualification)
  • Employment Verifications. (Please ask for a quote)
  • Professional License/Credentials Verification. (Please ask for a quote)
  • Driver and PDP verifications. (R 40 for a combo report)
  • Criminal Search. (Please ask for a quote)
  • Credit Check. (R 15.99 for a comprehensive ITC report)
  • ID verification. (R 7.99)

There are literally millions of resumes on the Internet and they all have one thing in common, they all depend upon what people say about themselves. Yet employers know that up to 30% of resumes contain serious misrepresentations or omissions and some 70% of applications have no real relevance to the job. When job applicants run a “real” self-background checks that mean they have submitted their qualifications and information to a professional background screening firm for confirmation. As a result, employers know what they are getting job candidates that are for real, who value their credentials and references and verified to be safe, honest, and qualified job applicants.

If you would like to know more about how to run a background check on yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us today for an affordable quote.

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Candidate Background Checks in South Africa