Biometric identification systems in South Africa protecting your Business!

Our team at i-Check Data Solutions have put together this article about how biometric identification systems in South Africa are protecting businesses. Today many companies in South Africa are turning to biometric identification systems as it dramatically reduces the risk of fraud. Biometric identification systems are basically “fool proof” because it cannot be borrowed, lost, stolen or copied. The biometric terminal has a high-quality sensor or scanner which “reads” the fingerprint, hand or face and uses this to verify the employee.

When you first introduce biometric identification systems to your company, you initially load all the employee identities onto a template, then all future clock in’s are compared directly with this template. You can easily add and remove employees when required, thereby allowing you to easily manage the system yourselves.

The benefits of introducing a biometric identification system to your company:

  • The system is fast as processing fast employees fingerprints.
  • It is extremely affordable (our average system has an ROI of six to twelve months).
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Accurate.
  • Reliable and suitable for both access control and attendance.
  • An employee can be added – or removed – in less than a minute by an administrator.
  • Reduce “time theft”.
  • Stop employees clocking in for each other.
  • Monitor and manage time-based costs and productivity.
  • Decrease payroll processing costs and fraud.
  • Improve payroll accuracy and access to information.

Where fingerprint, face or hand authentication is used, fraud can be substantially reduced as individuals cannot sign in for each other, and must be on the premises to clock in. The terminal has a sensor or scanner so the employee does not need to carry a key or card or remember a PIN.

Biometric identification systems are becoming increasingly more popular in traditional settings like schools, universities and residential homes for access and security, as the method is so simple even a young child can use it.

i-Check Data Solutions is here to help your company with its biometric identification needs, if you would like to know more about this service please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales consultants today!

Biometric Identification Systems in South Africa